Local School Partnership

Local School Partnerships


Harvey Road School has very close links with local schools and the University of Hertfordshire with the aim of providing additional learning opportunities for our children. We strongly believe that by supporting schools and professionals we can directly impact on the quality of learning children in Hertfordshire receive.

There is a very close partnership with primary schools in the area. In collaboration we:

  • Strategically review current issues and work together in overcoming them
  • We offer training opportunities in curriculum related as well as safeguarding and health and safety areas to support staff professional development
  • Cross school moderation of teacher assessment judgements to support accuracy and the clarifying of expectations
  • Promote a uniform approach to the management and practices around nursery admissions

We also work closely with Rickmansworth Secondary School with the primary focus of supporting our children as they go through the secondary transition process. This initially starts in Year 3 and becomes more pronounced as they move through the school and into their final year. The range of activities that our children are involved with includes:

  • Inter-school sporting events held at Rickmansworth Secondary School including dance festivals, athletics, netball, football and rugby tournaments
  • Rickmansworth Sports Leaders (pupils in Year 8-10) working with our children during PE lessons
  • Rickmansworth language students honing their linguistic skills with our Key Stage 2 children
  • Curricular support: Our children use the facilities that are available at Rickmansworth School in such specialist subjects as Food Technology, Science, Design and Technology, Drama and Dance and Swimming

We also have a close partnership with the University of Hertfordshire in a variety of different ways:

  • A nationally recognised and celebrated Professor of Mathematics organises and delivers Maths and Science workshops throughout the year covering areas way beyond the usual curriculum.
  • Student teachers from the University of Hertfordshire work with us developing their teaching skills
  • Staff attend training organised and run by the University of Hertfordshire
  • The Headteacher is a member of the University of Hertfordshire Professional Advisory Group whose purpose is to ensure that the educational programmes on offer at the university reflect the current educational practices in schools.
  • The Headteacher is also a frequent member of the interviewing panel for teacher training courses

In addition to these partnerships, the leadership at Harvey Road Primary School provides support to other educational establishments in the following ways:

  • Deputy Headteacher is a Leading teacher of Literacy and supports the quality of teaching and learning in schools across Hertfordshire
  • The Headteacher is also:
    • Professional Partner, mentoring new headteachers in Hertfordshire
    • Local Leader in Education and is contracted by Herts for Learning to support professional practices in schools including Pupil Premium Audits
    • Chair of the Primary Heads Forum in Hertfordshire: This group represents well over 400 Nursery, Infant, Junior and Primary schools liaising on behalf of headteachers with a wide variety of organisations within Hertfordshire Local Authority on the quality of provision.