Ofsted Award

ofsted_badgeOfsted Award

The School

  • This is an outstanding school.  Its continued drive for improvement has enhanced pupils progress.
  • This inclusive school promotes equal opportunities very effectively and is committed to eradicating any discrimination.  It encourages a genuine respect for the traditions of all groups within its community and is successful in helping all minority ethnic groups represented in the school achieve as well as the rest.
  • The school takes a leading role in local partnerships and in supporting other schools.
  • The school’s fast rate of improvement, the excellence of the leadership team, a strong governing body and robust self-evaluation processes combine to give it an outstanding capacity to continue to improve.

The Pupils

  • The quality of pupils learning is outstanding.  Pupils have an excellent awareness of keeping safe.
  • Pupils outstanding behaviour and sensitivity to others supports the school’s caring ethos.
  • Pupils gain a considerable enjoyment in their learning because they take active roles in most lessons and are keen to contribute and support one another.
  • In class they work exceptionally well independently as well as in small groups and show pride and confidence in sharing their achievements.  Pupils’ high levels of basic skills, excellent work habits and confidence in interacting with each other and adults prepare them very well for secondary school.
  • Close partnerships with external agencies and the school’s outstanding care, guidance and support benefits all pupils, including those whose circumstances may make them more vulnerable.

The Standards

  • Excellent induction arrangements and well established routines [for the Nursery and Reception classes] help children to settle quickly and happily.  Progress is good because teachers match activities to children’s interests.
  • The curriculum is creative and exciting, building on key skills to develop numeracy, literacy and ICT across different subjects.  Its improvements over recent years ensure that learning is carefully staged to support pupils’ needs and more actively engage them as learners.
  • Attainment has risen further since the last inspection and is high in all year groups.
  • Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities also make outstanding progress.

The Staff

  • Parents have stated that ‘The staff both nurture and challenge the children’.  Teachers good subject knowledge helps motivate pupils in their learning.  All teachers plan work to suit pupils different abilities.
  • The Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and senior teacher form an exceptionally effective senior leadership team, inspiring and giving direction to the school.

Ofsted Inspection Report – October 2011 – including School Data Dashboard

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