PTA Events

PTA Events

At Harvey Road School we have a dedicated team of parents to help run our school fundraising events. The PTA is a registered charity so all funds raised go back into the school and can only be used in a way that benefits the children directly.

Our PTA is made up of 2 Coordinators: Shelley Udall and Susan Alexander who are supported by the Committee – Dipal Shah and Tom Allerton.

Alongside the Committee each class has a minimum of 2 class representatives. They take on roles such as organising a rota for our main events and, if they feel happy to do so, run a small event e.g. a movie afternoon.

When your children start at the school all parents automatically become PTA members. So if you would like to become a class rep or join the Committee, please let us know. All are welcome!

Each year we have a mixture of events. Our main events are the Christmas Market and the Summer Fair. We also run a Halloween Disco, movie afternoons, cake sales, quiz night, camp night and much more!

How You Can Help
New ideas – we are always open to fresh ideas for events so please do feel free to come along to our meetings or speak to one of us in the playground should inspiration strike!

Sponsorship – we try to get our events sponsored. This is an ongoing task throughout the year. If anyone knows a company or business who would be interested in providing sponsorship then please do point them in our direction.

Raffle Prizes/Silent Auction – again this is an ongoing task throughout the year. Any donations for our Christmas and Summer raffle and silent auctions are much appreciated.

Matched Funding – matched giving/funding is a simple way of maximising your fundraising efforts for the School. It is an arrangement between a company and its employee. Many companies will pledge a sum of money relating to the amount their employee has raised for, or donated to, the charity of their choice. Some will match £ for £, others may match with time, others a combination of both. It could be they will offer a service such as the opportunity to print posters, programmes, newsletters etc. It would be wonderful if all parents could ask their employer if they operate a matched giving/funding scheme. If the answer is yes, please let the PTA know!

Thank you for taking the time to read more about the PTA. We look forward to the continued support from all parents at our future events.