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Roko 20 Academy



The Roko 20 Academy (Roko meaning district) opened in January 2014. Its purpose was to educate children in the rural area outside Muranga in Kenya.

The idea for the school came about after Tracey Neale Ferreira spent 11 months in Kenya as a volunteer at a school for orphans. She decided to return to Kenya and use her life savings to set up a school educating orphans and disadvantaged children for free.


Since then it has continued to grow and now has over 70 pupils who attend the school regularly. Recent improvements to the school include proper toilets, and a fully functioning kitchen and electricity has been connected.

Children from both schools write to each other in the traditional ‘pen-pal’ way and in so doing gain a unique insight into how children live their lives, appreciating the similarities and differences between them.

We have been supporting Roko 20 for several years. In this time we have had a number of sponsored events that have raised money for them. This has ranged from mufti days where children make a financial contribution for not wearing school uniform to selling hand woven baskets made by the parents and grandparents of the children who attend Roko 20.

Roko 20 Newsletter

The Roko 20 Academy have produced a wonderful video blog of their school and what life is like for the children.   This can be seen at:

Roko 20 has been given a great opportunity to fundraise through Global Giving’s Accelerator Campaign which kicks off on Monday. If we raise over £4,000 through 40 separate donors we secure a permanent fundraising spot on the GlobalGiving platform. This is good news for  us.

We are trying to raise awareness of this campaign to as many people as possible. Would it be possible to add something about this to your webpage or notify the parents somehow?

The project will start accepting donations when it goes live on Monday, March 13, 2017 at 1PM GMT. We will be sending out emails and a facebook post about it on Friday and then send a reminder on Monday morning. 

The link to our Global Giving project page is as follows:

Children at Harvey Road are currently putting together our own video blog, showing children playing and learning in a wide variety of different situations and what life is like at Harvey Road School.

If you would like to make a donation to the Roko 20 Academy then please contact the school for further details.