Roko 20 Coronavirus


Below is a letter from Roko 20 Academy:


We hope you are keeping safe and well during this difficult time.

The first case of the coronavirus arrived in Kenya on 12th March 2020.  As of today there are 110 cases and 3 deaths.   The Government acted promptly and closed all schools on 15th March and also directed that all public and private sector employees work from home, wherever possible.

The majority of people are avoiding contact and trying to wash their hands when extra water is available, however hand sanitiser and face masks are out of reach for the majority of the rural population.

A grandmother to one of our pupils who relies on an income from collecting plastics and metals at rubbish tips said of the Government directives “We fear but we can’t stop working.”

It is a real concern that during school holidays many children go without food and now more than ever we know that it will be a big challenge for parents and guardians to provide their families with just one meal a day.

We identified 30 families at most risk and arranged delivery of soap, rice, flour for Ugali and porridge, cooking oil, sweet potatoes and cabbage.  We will continue to monitor their situation and provide essentials when necessary.

Charities in the UK have been struck particularly hard as a result of this outbreak and we are no exception.  Our budget for 2020 projected an amount of £4,500 from the various fund raising events planned in the UK.  Due to the current situation these events will no longer take place and we are now trying our best to reduce expenses to cover this deficit.

We would respectfully request that if you are able, then please do consider making a small donation to help us through this challenging time.

Your support enables us to continue our work with the most vulnerable in our community and for that we are very much grateful.

Take precautions and keep safe.

Thank you.

 Tracey and Job

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