Sing Up Award

Sing Up Awardsing_up_gold_award

The children and staff of Harvey Road School have worked very hard to earn themselves a Gold Sing Up award from the National Sing Up endorsers.

To earn this award, the school had to show that they fullfilled 13 criteria connected with singing.

These criteria involved developing critical skills about singing, performing and composing songs, using singing in school to develop routines, cross curriculum knowledge and getting the whole school singing on a regular basis.

Our school was awarded the Gold award on the 9th March 2012.

If you would like to see exaclty what we had to do, visit

Comments from the Sing Up Endorser

Sing Up Awards gave the following feedback:
Congratulations to Harvey Road Primary School on achieving a Gold Sing Up Award!

It has been a joy to learn about the singing that takes place at your School. It is clear that you are extremely passionate about singing and committed to ensuring that is an important part of school life.

There are so many areas of singing activity that I have felt impressed by when going through the award application. Having a Headteacher who so clearly enjoys and supports singing is a real asset to the school. Mr Rowland’s hands-on approach gives a very clear message that singing is for all and provides a real boost to singing activity.

It is great to see pupils leading singing and to see that they have been equipped with singing leading skills. The playground singing looks great fun at your school. The push to encourage this appears to have paid off with pupils feeling inspired to generate their own singing activities in breaks.  It is also clear that lots of singing takes place in the classroom supporting the teaching of curriculum subjects and with daily routines.

I particularly liked the board dedicated to singing with the interactive element of the Sing Up Sign Up sheet for pupils to write up their favourite songs that they would like the whole school to sing. I was also very impressed to hear the Harvey Road School Song and the New Year Song. The lovely quality of singing stood out.

I would like to wish you the very best going forward with your singing school journey and hope that you will consider going for a Platinum Sing Up Award next.

Hazel Addley, Sing Up Endorser