University Of Hertfordshire Partnership

University Of Hertfordshire Partnership image

Harvey Road School works closely with the University of Hertfordshire to support our children’s academic progress but also through initial teacher training.

Our children’s progress is a key area of focus. For this reason, we work closely with the University of Hertfordshire to develop workshop style opportunities where our children can ‘think outside of the box’ and be challenged in ways that may not normally be provided through the national curriculum.

The quality of teachers coming into education is of great importance to us all. For this reason the Headteacher has worked with the University Professional Advisory Group to support the initial teacher education (ITE) training programme through:

  • Interviewing prospective students and staff
  • Mentoring students as they go through their training
  • Assessment of standards of teaching
  • Strategic planning of the ITE programme

The impact of this work has helped establish a shared commitment and vision of ITE between Harvey Road School and the University.