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Harvey Road Primary School

Be Happy : Show Respect : Seek Success

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The governing board plays a key role in helping oversee the strategic direction of the school and works in partnership with the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team.  The main aim of the governing board is to ensure the delivery of a high standard of education for all pupils in its care.

Introducing the role of Governors

Welcome to Harvey Road School,

The core focus of governors at Harvey Road School is ensuring that we continually provide a safe, happy, and engaging environment for our children to learn and grow, with a focus on providing children with the best possible education to aid their future success. To achieve this, we work with the senior leadership team and staff to maintain and further develop the strategic vision for the school.

To help governors in making these strategic decisions, we attend regular meetings, conduct school visits (to speak to staff and pupils), and take on specific governor roles providing oversight on critical areas of the school development plan and other projects. Projects will change each year depending on our areas of priority and will be in addition to the regular responsibilities that governors undertake that would include but not be limited to Safeguarding, Health and Safety and Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND).

To ensure we provide the best possible governance at Harvey Road School, the governing board comprises of staff members, parents, and members of the wider community, with a variety of skills and professional backgrounds, that offer Harvey Road School a broad and comprehensive strategic structure. The governing board is united by its unwavering commitment to provide each of our children with an outstanding, individually tailored, primary education that reflects our school ethos – Be happy, Show respect, Seek success.

We’re incredibly proud of the continuing hard work of both our staff and pupils, that is reflected by the ongoing academic and operational success of the school we’ve enjoyed over many years. Despite this success and in partnership with staff, the governing board continues to evaluate and address our strengths and weaknesses, remaining unashamedly ambitious in our expectations for Harvey Road School children in all aspects of their development.

Yours sincerely,

Doug Hull

Chair of Governors

At Harvey Road School we have 2 committees:-

The School Improvements Committee – Looking at attainment. progress, developing action plans, reviewing its impact and striving towards better outcomes for our pupils.

Resources Committee – Included here are: school finance, personnel and premises and Governor projects.

Governors have the responsibility of taking on a project that links with their personal area of expertise or particular interest. The projects are wide ranging and do change according to the particular priorities at the time. Governors work alongside staff and support the projects and developments in whatever way is possible and then feedback to the rest of the Governing board.

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Governing Board Structure


Responsibilities and Focus and Governor Projects


Curriculum Subject Linked Roles

Term of Office Ends

Pecuniary Interests

Doug Hull
Co-opted Governor
  • Chair of Governing Board
  • Headteachers Performance Management
  • Exclusions/ Disciplinary Panel
  • Standards and Assessment Governor
  • Sports Premium
Resources Committee

School Improvement
Geography 03/12/19-28/11/27 None
Emma Campbell
Parent Governor
  • SEND/ Inclusion/Pupil Premium Governor
  • Headteacher Performance Management
Vice Chair of Improvement Committee History
Chiraag Darbar
LA Governor
  • Vice Chair of Governing Board 
  • Exclusions/ Disciplinary Panel
  • Finance Governor
Chair of Resources Committee MFL
Nick Rowlands
  • Head Teacher

Resources Committee

School Improvement

n/a None
Viral Kataria
Parent Governor
  • Data Protection (GDPR)
  • Health and Safety
Vice Chair of Resources Committee Computing 30/11/22-29/11/26 None
Charley McKay
Co-opted Governor
  • Exclusions/  disciplinary Panel
  • Safeguarding Governor
School Improvement Committee Art + D&T 09/09/21-08/09/25  None
Laura Tora
Parent Governor
  • Staff Support Governor
  • Equality and Diversity Governor
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Governor
Chair of School Improvement Committee RE 02/12/20-01/12/24 None

Yaalini Arumuham
Co-opted Governor

  • Exclusions/ Disciplinary Panel
  • Governor Training & Development
  • Headteacher Performance Management
Resources Committee Music 14/06/22-13/06/26 None
Clair Tustin
Staff Governor


School Improvement Committee 14/09/22-13/09/26 None

Meenakshi Walia

Co-opted Governor

Resources Committee PE + Science 120/9/23-11/09/27 None
Co-opted Governor
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