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Reading (including the use of phonics), Writing (including the use of grammar, spelling and punctuation) and Speaking and Listening together form the key components of human communication. We learn from one another through our ability to communicate and so English lies at the heart of all learning at Harvey Road School. Throughout the school year, we encourage our whole school community to get involved in a range of events to celebrate our love of English, with an intention of creating lifelong lovers of reading and writing.



Research tells us that children who read for pleasure on a daily basis develop a wider vocabulary, greater general knowledge and a far better understanding of other cultures . It is perhaps one of the single most important factors in a child’s development. Naturally, we believe that it is every child’s right to learn to read but our children go far beyond this to develop a true love and pleasure for reading. At Harvey Road School we believe in the importance of developing children’s discrete word-reading skills and comprehension as well as the need to encourage their love of books and reading. The two elements are connected with each relying on the other if children are to become life-long readers.

We develop greater understanding through detailed exploration of whole books, short texts, art work, videos and music, encouraging children to play an active role in the reading process through learning what good comprehension looks like. Staff are reading role models who demonstrate and encourage a love for reading during our daily ‘Story-time’. Children have access to a wide variety of reading materials through book corners in classrooms, the school library, book fairs and the carefully selected texts used in the teaching of English.

As soon as children start in the Nursery Class they begin their reading journey.  The highly structured phonic sequence of our reading scheme encourages reading success and the building of confidence from the very beginning with the content of the reading books linking directly to the phonics that is being taught. Once children have gained skills in their phonics they are then able to tackle longer and more complex books, both fiction and non-fiction.  When their reading and comprehension skills are secure they will be able to choose from a wider selection of non-scheme books from our school library and from the classroom libraries.



Through discrete phonics sessions, that are based on the Read Write Inc. scheme, and one-to-one reading with an adult, we teach our children how to decode the written word.  At the same time we focus on building a greater understanding of comprehension as children develop through listening to books being read aloud, investigating them together in guided reading groups or working together as a class on shared activities.

By the time children leave Harvey Road School they will have developed a love of reading and will be confident, fluent readers.



At Harvey Road School we recognise how important it is that children become skilled, confident writers by the end of year 6. These skills will be essential beyond their school life and will enable them to communicate effectively in the wider world.

From the earliest stages of emergent writing in the Foundation Stage, we aim to foster a true love of storytelling by engaging the children in high quality texts. Alongside these texts children are exposed to a range of experiences to help them write purposeful, relevant pieces of work.  They learn how to organise their own work so it suits the purpose and are encouraged to reflect on their own learning and the learning of their peers and to edit and improve their writing. We ensure the children have exciting and stimulating things to write about in different aspects of our curriculum.

By the time children are ready to leave Harvey Road School they will be able to communicate their ideas clearly in writing. They will have acquired the knowledge and skills relevant to the next chapter in their learning journey.



Children are taught about the way language works through their reading and writing and discuss the differences in spoken language and the written word. Specific grammar and punctuation content is assigned to each year group and matches the national curriculum expectations. Harvey Road School has designed a Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation curriculum that carefully sequences the learning children will experience.



Children start to use cursive handwriting in Reception. The main benefit of teaching cursive handwriting from the start is that children tend to reach fluency faster, whereas if they learn to print first and then learn to join up, it’s like learning two different languages. When children are able to join accurately and their writing is consistent in size they will be awarded their pen licence and a unique and highly prized Harvey Road School pen for them to start using.

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