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The History curriculum at Harvey Road Primary School develops the children’s understanding of the past and how it has shaped the world we live in today. Each topic provides the children with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a period of history through inviting visitors into the school or going on trips to historical sites and museums. 

Children will learn about the wonderful history of our local area as well as the wider world events that have shaped the world into what it is today.  They will learn to think critically, weigh evidence and understand different arguments and perspectives.

Our History curriculum links with other core subjects where relevant and in context, for example, the study of Crime and Punishment through history provides children with a unique appreciation of how this subject has changed and improved over time, and how the rule of law is intrinsically linked to our wellbeing.   

Skills covered in our History curriculum including:

  • Chronological understanding
  • Knowledge of the significant events in the history of Britain and the wider world 
  • Development of the ability to understand new terms
  • Ability to use and understand methods of historical enquiry to develop their grasp of topics
  • Gaining of historical perspectives by placing their knowledge in different contexts

On leaving Harvey Road School a successful learner in History will:

  • Have an improved chronological knowledge of events and be able to make links between different periods and comparisons with modern day
  • Have looked at key figures within a time period and the artefacts or sources which come from this period
  • Have studied a variety of periods and events in time, being able to describe a picture of what life might have been like and compare and contrast
  • Have looked at artefacts to develop their understanding of historical enquiry, enabling them to make links with their own society and the modern world 
  • Through outdoor learning experiences, have further developed their understanding of historical enquiry, looking at artefacts and structures that still exist today  
  • Developed technical vocabulary and a greater understanding of historical terms.
  • Have the confidence to look at aspects of the wider world and the impact on the modern world
  • Have an understanding of different historical periods, the ability to discuss sources and conduct independent research, forming their own supported opinion of an event 
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