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Harvey Road Primary School

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Developing the Whole Child

Developing the Whole Child

Staff and governors at Harvey Road School focus very much on not just the academic development of children but also their social, behavioural and emotional development as well. 

To achieve this we ensure that we have a broad and progressive curriculum that excites and motivates our children but we also include a wide range of additional opportunities.  In particular our positive mind-set programme called Learning to Learn provides a clear framework where children can celebrate making mistakes ,seeing them as opportunities rather than obstacles and enables them to understand that making progress and being on a learning journey is more important than the outcome of their final piece of work.  For more information please see Learning to Learn Document below.

We are a community where everyone is given the opportunity to enjoy learning and achieve their full potential in an emotionally supportive, respectful and inclusive environment. We believe that every child should have access to a broad, balanced, relevant and scaffolded curriculum. This should take account of their individual learning and emotional needs and should allow each child to fulfil their potential.

As a school, we share the genuine belief that everyone is entitled to an outstanding education no matter of their circumstances and our welcoming and inclusive school community follows a curriculum based upon current research on cognitive science so that it allows our pupils to know more, understand more and do more. Knowledge and skills are taught in a progressive manner through a spiral curriculum to ensure coverage and provide opportunities to revisit key concepts in every discipline, making and building on links to support the transfer of information into the long- term memory and encouraging deep thinking and enquiring minds.

We have very high expectations of our children and challenge them to achieve the best possible outcomes.  We understand the importance of identifying ways to challenge children who are high achieving, children with SEND and those considered to be disadvantaged. Challenge is posed within an environment of our ‘Learning to Learn’ programme, positivity and work on the principle that if a child cannot do something then they cannot do it yet.

Part of our vision at Harvey Road School is also to ensure our children are well-rounded, practical and independent problem solvers.  One of the many activities that we use to achieve this is to work in partnership with our families in completing the Things to do before I finish Year ‘X’ programme.   These ‘passports’ of experiences include a wide range of different activities such as building camps, visiting museums or cooking a meal and are designed to develop children’s skills and experiences and help them support and consider other people’s feelings and needs.  Please see below for our key stage specific activity programmes.

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