Harvey Road Primary School

Harvey Road Primary School

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Harvey Road, Croxley Green, Herts, WD3 3BN


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Activity Clubs

Activity Clubs for children

Harvey Road School aims to provide clubs to match children's interests and give them new opportunities in areas such as sport, music, the arts and technologies. As a school we are committed to providing an ever widening extended service to our local community.

Our current Breakfast Club runs in school from 7:30am. Please see more details at Breakfast Club

Our current Afterschool Club runs in school from 3.15pm-6.00pm.  Please see more details at Afterschool Club


Club Classes Time Charge Contact
Monday Arty Amber R,1,2,3,4,5+6 3.20pm - 4.30pm £10.00 Contact Amber: 07507609962
Bookings: https://artyamber.co.uk/book-a-club
Course info: https://artyamber.co.uk/art-clubs
Girls Football Club 3,4,5+6 12.25pm - 12.55pm £3.50 Contact: https://bookings.watfordfccsetrust.com/project/27538
Tuesday Gym Club R,1+2 12.25pm - 12.55pm £5.00  Contact: louactive8@yahoo.co.uk
Tel: 07985575944
Football Club Watford FC 3+4 3.20pm - 4.30pm £5.50

Contact: https://bookings.watfordfccsetrust.com/project/32995
Tel: 01923 496356

Koko Textiles 1,2,3,4,5+6 3.15pm - 4.35pm £11.50

Contact: kustomizekoko.textilestudio.ltd@gmail.com 
Tel: 07958445231

Netball Club 5+6 3.30pm - 4,20pm Free

Contact: School Office on

Wednesday Football Club Watford FC 5+6 3.20pm - 4.30pm £5.50

Contact: https://bookings.watfordfccsetrust.com/project/16452
Tel: 01923 496356

Spanish Club 2 8.00am - 8.45am £8.00 Contact: Tel: 07957329937
Extra Time Football Club 5+6 3.20pm - 4.30pm £5.50 Contact: Please go online to secure your child’s booking: www.xtratime.co.uk

Gym Club 3,4,5+6 12.20pm - 12.50pm £5.00  Contact: louactive8@yahoo.co.uk
Tel: 07985 575944
Cricket Club 1,2,3,4,5+6 3.30pm - 4.30pm £6.00 Contact: 
Spanish Club R 8.00am - 8.45am £8.00 Contact: 07957329937
Tennis 1,2,3,4,5+6 12.30pm -1.00pm £6.00 Contact: Sarah on sla@beetlecross.co.uk
www. croxleytennis.com
Rounders 5+6 3.30pm - 4.20pm Free Contact: School Office on admin3@harveyroad.herts.sch.uk
Friday Chess Club 3,4,5+6 12.30pm - 1.10pm £1.00 

Contact: School Office on admin3@harveyroad.herts.sch.uk

Spanish Club 1 8.00am - 8.45am £8.00

Tel: 07957329937

Tennis R,1+2 12.30pm - 1.00pm £6.00

Contact: Sarah on sla@beetlecross.co.uk
www. croxleytennis.com

Suzuki Violin N,R+1 3.30pm - 4.30pm £20.00



Hiphop Hooray Club R,1,2,3,4,5+6 8.00am - 8.45am £8.00

Contact: Sam Allen
Tel: 07931 744500

Football Club Watford FC 1+2 3.20pm - 4.30pm £5.50

Contact: https://bookings.watfordfccsetrust.com/project/27989

Tel: 01923 496356

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