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Modern Foreign Language


The purpose of all language is communication and our aim in the initial stages of learning a foreign language, is to generate enthusiasm, enjoyment and to give the children the confidence to participate and persevere.

From Nursery to Year 2, children are introduced to a wide range of different languages that reflect not only the commonly taught languages of French and Spanish but also celebrating those languages that children may use at home.

From Year 3, children are taught French as this is one of the main languages taught by our local secondary school.

Activities will include the development of the following skills:

  • Speaking and listening

Children will be exposed to a wide range of different audiences where staff, parents and visitors will all contribute to their learning.  This is the primary focus for children as it is through conversation and interaction with others that children will understand the exciting value of communicating with others who have different backgrounds to their own

  • Reading

Children will use a wide range of texts that will build on what they have heard.

  • Writing

Children will gradually be given the opportunity to write down words and phrases which will provide a concrete baseline for the languages they will learn when they move to secondary school. 

On leaving Harvey Road Primary School a successful learner of this subject will:

  • Be able to speak in French with increasing confidence
  • Be able to write paragraphs, of at least three sentences, for different purposes and audiences
  • Experiment, take risks and not be afraid to make and learn from mistakes when they are speaking or writing in French 
  • Know that learning a language means learning about and appreciating other cultures
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