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School meals

School Meals


From September 2014 Universal Free School Meals for the Infants were introduced. This entitles any child from Reception to Year 2 to have a free school meal.

The cost of school meals for the Juniors is £3.00

The catering service at Harvey Road School is provided by The Pantry. They provide balanced, nutritious meals and work to educate children to make healthy options. 

Parents should pre-book their child’s meals using the link below. Your child's meal must be booked by 9.00am for that day.

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 Packed Lunches

Children may bring packed lunches to school but there are certain rules that we must ask you and your children to respect:

  • The children will be accommodated at tables in the Dining Room and will be in the charge of teachers on duty and midday supervisory assistants at all times.
  • Please do not bring in any foods containing nuts or seeds.
  • All food must be suitably wrapped and placed in named boxes.
  • Drinks may be brought in cartons or named flasks.
  • A beaker of water will be available for children who do not bring their own drink.
  • Cans, fizzy drinks and glass bottles should NOT be brought in.
  • Sweets and chocolate should also NOT be included in packed lunches since we encourage a healthy eating policy within the school.
  • Please cut all sandwiches, cake etc. into suitably small pieces, preferably ‘quarters’ rather than ‘halves’.
  • Spoons must be provided for yoghurts etc.

It will be assumed that only food that each child likes will be included and that the amount sent is what parents expect to be eaten. All empty cartons, wrappings and any uneaten food will be placed back into lunchboxes to be taken home.

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