Harvey Road Primary School

Harvey Road Primary School

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Harvey Road, Croxley Green, Herts, WD3 3BN


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School Council Members

Our School Council Members

I want to be on the School Council so I can raise money for more toys like swings in the big playground.
I am looking forward to meeting others on the council and sharing ideas.




I wanted to be a School Councillor because I thought it would be fun.
I want to work with the older children to learn new things and make plans!

I want to be on the School Council because I care for the school and I love to raise money.

I want to be on the School Council to raise more money for the school and more sales and not just for playground equipment. I would be good at thinking of ideas for the school council.

I want to be on the School Council to help raise money for the school and to make it a better place - except for the food as this is already great!

I would like to be a good School Councillor because I will do good things like movie night.
I want to have longer playtimes.
I want to have more school trips so we can have fun in a good way.
I want to have another football goal because we don't get to play with a goal. 

The reason why I wanted to become a School Councillor is because I will be a great volunteer. I will be a great volunteer by raising money for our school so we can get equipment for the playground a shelter for our swimming pool so when it rain’s we don’t have to miss a swimming lesson.
If we raise even more money, instead of having fans in all classrooms I would like to install air conditioning units, making it a more comfortable environment in the classroom.
I will also arrange Friday Fun Days where we will have fun activities arranged such as movies or dance parties and lots more!


I want to be  a School Councillor because I want to raise money for our school. I would like to raise money for more footballs and to be able to go on more educational school trips.
I would also like to help and support many charities.
I am a good listener and people listen to me, so will be good at putting ideas forward in our meetings. 

I have never been a School Councillor and this year it's something I feel very strongly about.The reason I would like to be a School Councillor is because I would take other people's ideas and put them into my own.
I would also like to raise money for the school by having stuff like: Cake sales, toy swaps or a games day. I would also like to have a daily workout to get our hearts pumping and body's moving. This could be a quick run around the school or star jumps in the playground.
Thank you for listening to my manifesto and I look forward to hopefully representing you as a School Councillor.

I'm going to be a great School Councillor because I'm hard working and determine, meaning I will not give up for you. I am artistic and creative, this means I can come up with new ideas for everyone. I get on with others well because I listen to people. 
I would like the school to have more school trips so we can learn in fun ways.
I think we should have a day to celebrate our differences because we all come in different shapes and sizes and we face different challenges.
I will raise money for trips by having cake, sweet and book sales.
I will not just put my ideas forward I will put your ideas forward too. So you can always come to me if you want changes.

I am good at thinking of new ideas of how we can make our school even better.
I am considerate to others and will listen to and share their ideas,
I put myself forward as I would like to introduce more variety of sporting equipment.

I wanted to be a School Councillor because I have numerous ideas of how to improve the school.
I would like to improve the way other pupils can put their ideas forward.
One idea is to have more school trips so we could do learning in a different way.
We could raise more money, not just for the school but for other charities as well.
I am a good negotiator and I will share the opinions of your classmates.

 I am campaigning to be a year 6 School Councillor. I will work very hard to do this job exceptionally well. I think that there are some good reasons why I can do this job. You all know that I am excessively persuasive.
My ideas to make our school better include chairs for the hall, air conditioning and different school dinners.
There are things I would like to do to help the school but being a School Councillor means listening to your ideas. If I am your School Councillor I will listen to all your glorious ideas and make as many of them as I can happen.

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