Harvey Road Primary School

Harvey Road Primary School

Be Happy : Show Respect : Seek Success

Harvey Road, Croxley Green, Herts, WD3 3BN


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School Council Members

Our School Council Members

I will be good at school council as I am good at listening and I will share my ideas with everyone.

I want to be on school council so we can do more sales to raise money for our school and other people. I have lots of good ideas!

My friends would like some football goals on the playground so I will help raise money to fund these.

School Council is a good way to help everyone in any way we can including people at our school and in and other countries.

I will be a great school councillor as I am good at organising events. We want to make Harvey Road a fun place to be.  

I would like to help improve playtimes by raising money to fund more play equipment and things for the classrooms to make learning fun.

I’ve got lots of good ideas for raising money for play equipment. I will listen to my friends and share their ideas at meetings.

I’m a good listener and will help us work as a team and  raise money for things for the school.

I’m keen to be elected to the school council so we can raise awareness of illnesses and charities.  As well as supporting our school get even better, we can make donations to support people who are ill or who are not as fortunate as ourselves.

I am good at listening to all my friends. I am keen to add more things to our school to make it even better. 

I’m putting myself forward for school council as I want to help Miss Tustin and Mr Rowlands organise more fun events to raise money for our school.

As well as helping our school get better, I would like to raise money for charity and to help people in the school have a better time by making learning fun.

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