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The Geography curriculum at Harvey Road Primary School enables children to make comparisons between different cultures and the world we live in. Our curriculum of enquiry based questions and learning ensures that children are able to research different countries, locations and understand both physical and human geography that goes beyond the National Curriculum.

Children discuss the world we live in, relevant environmental issues such as the impact of climate change. Within the geography curriculum is sequential lessons which ensures that all pupils are able to access the curriculum whether it be researching renewable sources of energy or completing a field work study on a local river. Through our varied topics we aim to broaden their understanding of the world and other cultures and enable them to develop map, fieldwork and orienteering skills, providing a foundation of key life skills. In instances where more personalised learning needs to take place, teachers provide opportunities for differentiation, scaffolded learning, a plethora of  resources and ensuring pupils are able to demonstrate their learning through different mediums. For instance, a presentation or field work investigation.

Skills covered in our Geography Curriculum:

  • Geographical enquiry 
  • Locational and place knowledge 
  • Human and physical geography 
  • Fieldwork skills
  • Map skills 
  • Geographical skills

On leaving Harvey Road Primary School a successful learner in Geography will: 

  • Emerge with a broader understanding of the world around them
  • Allow them to look at different cultures and their values
  • Have a reinforced appreciation of British and our Harvey Road School values
  • Be able to discuss world issues, such as recycling, sustainability and deforestation, topics that are of significant environmental importance 
  • Be proactive in helping through initiatives and projects
  • Have a clear understanding of the make-up of the world, locating countries and discussing other cultures
  • Be able to identify human and physical geography
  • Have embedded map skills along with key life skills 
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