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Sustainability Project

Sustainability Project


Everyone is aware that our world is facing a crisis caused by pollution, a lack of recycling and poor waste management and energy efficiencies and that unless we do something about this the world that we currently know will become a very different place for our children.


For this reason, Harvey Road School governors, staff, pupils and parents have, through working groups and discussions put together a sustainability ambition that is articulated through a series of Action Plans that aim to:


  • Exemplify and lead: For Harvey Road School to become a leading example of a proactive, successful, environmentally-friendly school
  • Inform, Education and Inspire: To educate and inform our children and the broader school community about environmental issues, and demonstrate practical steps to achieve successful sustainability


These plans have been broken down into four specific areas that are known as the 4 C’s which focus on:

  1. Campus

The Sustainability Campus Action Plan is an essential tool to measure, manage and reduce the carbon footprint of the school site including the buildings, having identified real opportunities to reduce emissions, and take steps to reach our climate ambition.  The Campus Action Pan also encompasses activities to boost biodiversity on the school site

  1. Community

The Sustainability Community Action Plan will keep people who are connected to Harvey Road School informed and updated on the school’s Sustainability Programme and will engage and encourage them in carrying out practices outside of school that help to reduce our community’s carbon footprint and develop a more sustainable future.

  1. Culture

The Sustainability Culture Action Plan will develop and embed a range of customs, norms and practices within the school that reduce wastage, improve our use of resources and achieve environmental and economic efficiencies in the way the school operates

  1. Curriculum

The Sustainability Curriculum Action Plan focuses on improving children’s awareness of environmental issues and fostering a sense of active empowerment in the role children can play in relation to these issues in their own lives.  The Curriculum Action Plan will draw together those subject units that include a specific or direct course of study linked to sustainability, global warming, pollution, recycling or another area connected to sustainability, and will integrate these into a coherent curricular programme spanning across the whole school.

These four plans shape what Harvey Road School is doing between now and 2030 when we aspire to be as close to carbon neutral in all parts of our school life as possible.  Together, we can make our school a greener, better school, with children who are passionate and well informed about how every individual person can make a difference.


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