Welcome to the SEND area (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

Here at Harvey Road we support ‘Special Educational Needs’ in a variety of ways. How we support your child depends on their individual needs. Our vision is that all children, no matter what support they may need, will make progress and achieve to the best of their ability.

Our pupils will be encouraged to challenge themselves, develop independent strategies and become the most efficient learner possible. Neurodiversity is celebrated and children’s strengths are identified and nurtured to ensure pupils have a positive self-image.

Our School SENCO is Mrs White You can contact her at

For a more comprehensive guide to how we support SEND please see our parent leaflet.

Parent Info Leaflet

SEND Policy

SEND Information Report


Supporting Children With LD & ASD With COVID Isolation

Phonics / spelling / Reading

Supporting Your Child With Reading Difficulties At Home

Supporting Your Child With Spelling Difficulties At Home

Supporting Your Child With Handwriting Difficulties At Home

Spelling Selection Activities – A phonics and reading program designed to accelerate reading progress. – Online games and resources to print off that support phonics and reading – Targeted phonics teaching, maths, times tables etc – Recap spelling patterns and spelling rules. Focuses on al yar groups but very helpful for KS1 and KS2 spelling rules.



Supporting Your Child With Maths Difficulties At Home

Useful Websites To Support Your Child With Maths Difficulties At Home

Fun Maths Games Using Cards



Helping others understand Neurodiversity. 

If you would like to know more about neurodevelopmental differences or help to explain these differences to your child please follow the links below.




Neurodiversity comic



Self Help ideas:

At Harvey Road we encourage children to be independent as much as possible and teach them to use different strategies for helping themselves.

Ideas to support retention of information

Mind mapping

Note taking

Personal dictionary

Maths and Literacy self-help guides (available in key Stage 2)


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